Immota Manet – Art after the Earthquake in L’Aquila

L’Aquila, medieval city in the Abruzzo region, central Italy, was hit by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, which caused great damage to the city and the nearby towns. The historical heritage was severely affected as well.

Fresco in basilica di San Giuseppe Artigiano, L'Aquila

3:32 AM, 6th April 2009

The documentary project is a journey through the artistic heritage of L’Aquila. Historical buildings are not marginal in a post-disaster reconstruction. Indeed, they contribute in shaping our sense of belonging to a community.

Frieze in the chiesa delle Anime Sante, L'Aquila

Monuments survive throughout history wheter damaged, changed or restored. 
Does restoration transform them in a fabrication of history at some point?

Façade of basilica di Collemaggio, L'Aquila

This major project has been produced for Berenice’s MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at University of the Arts London. Immota Manet has been exhibited at the 2021 LCC Postgraduate Showcase and its online version.

credits: Comitato Abruzzese del Paesaggio

Immota Manet is a Latin expression meaning “steadfast endures”. There’s no certainty about why these words are written on the banner of L’Aquila, but they may refer to the fact that the medieval city was reborn everytime after the earthquakes which have damaged it throughout the centuries.

Fresco in basilica di Collemaggio
Art after the Earthquake in L'Aquila